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Vintage Socks

Vintage socks are the perfect way to stylishly commemorate your era - 12 pairs at $11 a piece? No problem!

Vintage Sock

There are many different types of vintage socks, but we will be dealing with just a few. we have a few choices when it comes to vintage socks: . ones that are fresh off the line's, those that have been in use for a specific event or time, ones that are out of this world. we want our vintage sock products to be high quality high value, and we know that you will love our socks. why settle for something that is cheap or not working? Why not go for a set or buy them in bulk? With our prices being so low, you are able to afford to quality over price. so, what are you waiting for? Order your vintage sock products today!

Top 10 Vintage Socks

These vintage socks are perfect for the 10-13 crew! They are made from tough and sturdy lace, and fit well on your feet. They are a great choice for any fun occasion. these socks are in vintage style with white and black panels on the front of the socks which date them from the current season. The socks are a pack of 8-12 socks, and come in a small 8-12. They are a good value for the price you pay and will help keep your feet warm and dry. these socks are in great condition and are from a vintage rockford red heel socks. I have 3 pairs left and they are in great condition. I am offering them at a price that is good value for money. If you're looking for vintage rockford red heel socks, this is the place to go! these old school socks are a great choice for a day out or everyday wear. 12 pairs of these socks are in stock at retro athletic,